With the correct care and maintenance, evaporative coolers provide efficient cooling and ventilation to large areas and events. Part of maintaining these coolers in the right manner is never using dirty or contaminated water in them. While the reason behind this fact may be obvious to you, we will explain in detail why this is true.

1. Contaminated water may leave sediment that hinders the operating ability of these coolers. Hard water even can leave mineral deposits in the coolers that you will need to clean out regularly to ensure they do not negatively affect the coolers. The sediment may clog the filters and cause the coolers to overheat in extreme situations.

2. Dirty water can give off an unpleasant odour that negatively affects attendees’ ability to enjoy an event or area. The odour can range from smelling slightly moldy to the aroma of rotting garbage.

3. Water that is dirty or contaminated can be full of germs, mold, bacteria and other harmful microbes. These elements cause people or animals to become sick with respiratory and other diseases when you place this type of water into an evaporative cooler.

Prevent Water Contamination

You can prevent water contamination by purifying the water prior to placing it into the evaporative cooler. By doing this, you ensure that your water is free of harmful substances. In addition, there are additives to prevent bacteria from growing in the water that are highly effective for the task.

Other Care and Maintenance Advice

  • Clean the filters in the coolers at least once a month. This prevents them from clogging to the point of causing issues with the coolers. Periodically, you also may need to replace the pads.
  • If your cooler begins to make strange noises, call professionals to service the mechanical parts to discover whether or not a part needs replacing.
  • When you are not using an evaporator cooler for a long period of time, empty the water reservoir and clean it. It will be ready for use whenever you need it this way.
  • Keep all accessible parts clean to prevent dirt and debris from circulating through the air in and around the cooler.

By avoiding the use of contaminated or dirty water in evaporative coolers along with properly maintaining these coolers in other ways, you will receive optimal cooling and ventilation from these machines. You also will extend the lifespan of these machines to earn a maximum return on your initial investment. Consult with Evaporative Coolers for further information on how to care for and maintain the coolers that you purchase from our company.