Evaporative coolers are cooling systems that are being maximised by a lot of property owners today. Relying on the principles of evaporative cooling, these systems can easily cool air through the process of evaporation, which is known to cost less energy than other types of cooling systems.

While they can be economical in some ways, evaporative coolers can only be effective if certain elements are present or absent in the surroundings. For instance, they can only work optimally if there is no shortage of water supply. Areas with low humidity can also take advantage of evaporative coolers. Knowing these factors is hugely crucial before buying and installing evaporative coolers.

Similar to other cooling systems, evaporative coolers possess numerous benefits and limitations that one should consider thoroughly before purchasing them.

Benefits of Evaporative Coolers

  • Significant Cost Savings: One popular benefit of evaporative coolers is that they can save a lot of money. Evaporative coolers can be purchased easily due to their low price. Additionally, their operating costs are more affordable than other air conditioning systems due to their utilisation of the evaporative cooling process. Evaporative coolers also only consume around 70% less electricity than air conditioning systems.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Apart from substantial cost savings, evaporative coolers can also be beneficial for property owners due to their associated comfort. The type of air that they release is deemed to be clean and free from dirty elements thanks to their effective filters and other components. Additionally, their ability to add moisture in the air helps in preventing various health issues that can be obtained due to dry weather.
  • Easy Installation and Upkeep: While certain types of air conditioning systems require complicated installation and upkeep, evaporative coolers can actually be installed and maintained without undergoing intricate processes or hiring professionals. Evaporative coolers normally do not have any compressor that must be maintained all the time. They are also not equipped with refrigerants, which can be found on most air conditioning systems.

Limitations of Evaporative Coolers

  • Cooling Effectiveness: Evaporative coolers can truly provide clean cool air inside a property. However, they are only limited to certain temperatures and can find it difficult to match the temperatures of conventional air conditioning systems. Evaporative coolers can lower temperatures to around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, while some of their counterparts can bring temperatures down to around 15 degrees Celsius.
  • Operating Conditions:One of the most crucial limitations of evaporative coolers is their operating conditions. As previously stated, evaporative coolers can only be effective if they are situated in a place with the appropriate surrounding elements. For one, they must be in an area where windows are open. They must also be used in places that do not have humid weather to increase their effectiveness. Likewise, they must be used appropriately to avoid issues due to high humidity.

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