Evaporative coolers have been very useful in properties and households due to their energy-efficient cooling functions. These pieces of equipment are likewise utilised since they add moisture to the circulating air, making it comfortable for building occupants and families. 

But while these coolers can last for a long time, there are instances where they would suddenly encounter some serious issues and problems. And if they are not repaired immediately, they would not be able to provide high-quality air that occupants used to enjoy before. They may even fail since other components of the coolers have been compromised by the lack of immediate repair.

To date, there are 4 most common evaporative cooler problems that need to be fixed right away.

Failure to Start

Evaporative coolers that do not start may mean that there are failing evaporative cooler components. An evaporative cooler with a blown fuse will normally not start, which is already a sign that it needs to be repaired immediately. Another component that may have caused an evaporative cooler to not start is the breaker. A tripped breaker will not allow the system of the evaporative cooler to start. Wiring components that have some damages can also cause the evaporative cooler to fail to start. 

Strange Odour

Evaporative coolers do not emit a strange odour as they provide cool air to rooms and spaces. And so, if this specific equipment emits a strange odour, then it might need to be inspected and repaired right away. The existence of stagnant water or mildew inside the evaporative cooler can cause this specific problem. And without removing these elements, the quality of your air will surely be compromised. Any necessary repairs might be required once these elements are removed to make sure everything is intact.

Improper Air Flow

Another problem that evaporative coolers often have is improper airflow. Most improper airflow cases are normally caused by a blockage or obstruction in the exhaust ducts. Any opening of the evaporative coolers must also be checked to see if there are elements or debris that have accumulated and blocked the air path. If there are confirmed elements inside the evaporative coolers, one may want to acquire the help of professionals so they can repair and maintain system parts.

Leaking Issues

Water leaking or dripping from the evaporative cooler is a clear sign that the unit needs inspection and repairs. The occurrence of water leaks may be caused by the improper storage of the unit during cold seasons. Hence, before storing the evaporative cooler to the storage area, all the water inside the unit must be drained first and that its pads must be removed. The tank of the unit must also be cleaned so that any excess water will be eliminated.

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