Apart from supplying the electrical current for the built-in fan and pump, a portable evaporative cooler has no physical connection to the area it’s cooling. The cooler is thus relatively easy to relocate to a new area without any awkwardness associated with dismantling vents or a need to disassemble an intake stage. In fact, many models pivot across a factory floor on polyurethane wheels or include lift lugs for hoisting the unit from one end of a structure to the other without compromising the fragile innards. After all, the appliance may be waterproof and rated as a closed system, but there’s a water reservoir in the appliance, and there’s always the chance of leakage when hauling machinery around that relies on both electrical and fluid system interdependence. Keep the relationship sound and apply the handle-with-care maxim.

The easy mobility and small footprint design makes the portable evaporative cooler indispensable in situations where heat fluctuations occur. Employ the device in a factory cycle where heat is generated as a matter of course, where a manufacturing cycle is generating substantial amounts of heat and there’s little to no ventilation available. Scheduled activities vary in certain environments, resulting in the need for more cooling during various times of a working day. For example, an assembly line may switch over to another mode of operation depending on the items on the belt. Wheel the cooler around and cover the workers and machinery in that zone of the factory. A loading dock comes to life and requires the services of the evaporative cooler to unload the truck, or a hall that’s been empty all day long fills with livestock shuffling into pens. Roll the evaporative cooler in and keep the animals cool, fanning the ripe smell outdoors.

Greenhouses are excellent examples of how a company workflow can alter over the course of a few days or over the length of several seasons. Different plants and flowers have a wide range of cooling requirements. Take the cooler into one greenhouse structure and set the fan to create an artificial environment that matches the locale the plant grows in at a certain time of the year. This fluid movement of stainless steel carried by solid castors delivers a cooling factor that’s both invaluable and low in cost. People benefit, working harder to reach productivity goals. Animals and plants feel airflow of the same quality and temperature as their natural habitat, and machinery operates better, especially electronics, circuitry known for failing under high temperatures. This last notable application acts as a perfect segue for computer applications. While server rooms may need the chill of more powerful solutions, an evaporative cooler is the ideal choice for maintaining the environment in an office where power supplies and computer electronics create their own heat, temperatures that could cause discomfort in office workers. Otherwise, look for this energy-saving cooler in warehouses, retail stores, and any space needing gentle cooling, but ensure it has plenty of ventilation and an adequate supply of water.