There are a variety of ways to stay cool when the temperatures start to climb. One surging new cooling method that has become popular across a variety of different industries is that of evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is an excellent way to cool large spaces in an efficient and effective manner. Evaporative coolers have found their way into every way of life. People use evaporative coolers to keep warehouses cool, their home offices cool and even sections of their own backyard. Now, evaporative coolers are even being used in the farm and agriculture industry in order to assist livestock that would otherwise be victim to heat stress. If you haven’t heard of evaporative coolers, then our discussion should prove illuminating.

Benefits of Evaporative Coolers for Livestock

Evaporative cooling is an excellent way to keep large areas from overheating. Traditionally, you’d find large evaporative coolers installed into warehouses in order to cool down the massive floor space that the workers are operating in. Evaporative cooling works by pushing wind against a cool element, thereby dispersing cool temperatures to the room at large. To think of this simply, imagine getting out of a swimming pool. Remember how the wind blowing on your wet skin made you feel cold? This is how evaporative cooling works. This is also how evaporative cooling can help animals deal with potential heat stress. Let’s jump into the specifics.

1) Cool Air Reduces Heat Stress – Whether you have horses or cows, making sure that they stay cool during the warmer temperatures is absolutely imperative. Evaporative coolers are large enough to properly offer the kind of temperature reducing comfort that animals require.

2) Evaporative Coolers Avoid Mud – The most common way for farmers to cool down their animals had been to rely on misters to do the job. With these misting coolers, however, there were a whole new set of problems to deal with. The largest problem that misters caused was mud in and around the animals. With evaporative coolers, farmers can reduce the impact of heat stress without having to deal with any of the muddy cleanup.

3) Evaporative Coolers Provide Coverage – Finally, the most important aspect of using an evaporative cooling system for your farm animals is simple: evaporative coolers provide large coverage areas. When you are dealing with animals, you likely need to make sure that you appropriately cover their entire area. Evaporative coolers are not like air conditioners or misters, evaporative coolers cover a large footprint despite their relatively modest size.

If you are interested in introducing evaporative coolers to your farm for the sake of reducing heat stress in your animals, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today in order to learn more about the different evaporative cooler models that we have available.