When the temperature is rising you need to know that you can keep your facility cool and comfortable. While we traditionally focus on the impact of heat in residential and commercial spaces, we also have to understand that the heat during summer can make even indoor building parking spaces a real pain to deal with. Today, we are going to be highlighting the impact of evaporative cooling and how you can use it to keep your parking garage nice and cool while the rest of the world heats up.

Evaporative Cooling for Your Indoor Parking Spaces

When we talk about keeping cool while indoors, our minds probably wander over to giant fans or air conditioning units. Today, we are going to disregard both of those mechanisms in favour of the power of evaporative cooling units. Evaporative cooling is an incredibly efficient and effective way to keep large areas cooled down while utilising technology that is affordable and effective. Let’s go ahead and highlight the key benefits that evaporative cooling can provide for your parking garage.

  1. Money Saving Efficiency – There is nothing as painful as leaving the air conditioning unit on, knowing full well that the utility bill will end up kicking you later. With evaporative cooling on your side, those large utility bills will get trimmed down considerably. Evaporative cooling is incredibly efficient and that means that your parking spaces will be cool without breaking your bank.
  2. Great for the Environment – While we acknowledge the comfort that AC can bring, we also have to realise that the technology is terrible for the environment due to the many chemicals and refrigerant being used. Evaporative cooling does not rely on chemicals in the same way that air conditioners do and thus you are actually helping the environment by using evaporative cooling! We should also mention that your Ozone footprint will all but vanish when using evaporative coolers.
  3. All Natural Process – While evaporative coolers are obviously not part of the natural landscape, the process of evaporative cooling is as old as time itself. Evaporative cooling is a natural process that requires nothing more than airflow and cold water. You can tailor the size or quantity of your evaporative cooling units based on the size of your parking garage.

It is easy to see that evaporative coolers should have a home inside of every overheated parking garage in the region. Evaporative cooling is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to utilise in your space. Call us today for an estimate to outfit your parking garage with the right evaporative coolers.