Livestock raisers must invest in technology and the necessary equipment to yield more income from their produce. When these raisers have adequate knowledge about the benefits of technology to their livelihood, then they can expect a higher number of living livestock or farm animals. A higher number is possible since technology enhances the living condition of animals in a controlled environment.

One of the crucial technological advancements that livestock raisers must invest in is the use of evaporative cooling. While the natural air from outdoors is sufficient to supply the needs of the animals, it is still important to control certain elements of the farm. Among the few things that must be controlled is the temperature, amount of moisture, dust and other harmful substances, and many more.

If you are among the livestock raisers who are curious about evaporative cooling, check out the following cost-saving benefits of using evaporative coolers for your business.


Farm animals are used to consume the products of nature. This fact is important since some livestock raisers risk using refrigerated cooling to regulate the temperature of the farm. Refrigerated cooling uses different chemicals that can be harmful to animals. Evaporative cooling, on the other hand, utilises the natural cooling of air by water. Air released from this system is fresh and good for animals. This air also won’t dry out the air, which prevents irritation to animals and the people in the farm.

Gives Fresher Air

Evaporative cooling systems can give you a fresher air. Farms usually have distinctive air that is shared by all livestock and people working there. Giving a makeover on the air that they breathe is certainly a welcome addition granted by the evaporative cooling systems. Having a fresher air means that the build-up in bacterial or fungal concentration is lessened. Moreover, this system can filter the air particles and urban ozone contaminants that are harmful to the lungs of people and animals. 

Saves Overall Costs

When compared to other cooling systems, evaporative cooling has the least amount of installation cost. About 60% of the overall cost is saved when compared to installing a regular air conditioner. Moreover, the operating cost is also cheaper than any traditional cooling systems. Throughout its operation, an evaporative cooling system can save about 75% of overall operating costs compared to the others. 

Easier to Maintain

The savings from the aforementioned costs also reflect on the maintenance of evaporative cooling systems. You can easily maintain these systems since the parts involved are pretty straightforward. Both the water pump and fan motor are replaceable, and that replacement parts are available almost anywhere. Other than replacing old or faulty parts, you also have to drain and flush reservoirs, clean pump screens, and add some motor oil.

Owning your evaporative cooling system can grant you a lot more benefits that are not mentioned above. If you want to know how the system works, then contact us now at Peter Ross Enterprises Evaporative Coolers.