Have you ever walked through a warehouse on a hot, sunny day? Despite air conditioner units humming away and large ceiling fans blowing, you probably felt your t-shirt stick to your skin in no time. The problem with this situation is that most modern cooling appliances simply aren’t geared to cool down such large areas in an efficient manner, thus never allowing you to truly feel comfortable. The same holds true for smaller applications, as well! An air conditioner in a small home can also feel insufficient if the heat outside is bad enough. We say all of that in order to say this: there IS a solution available for your cooling needs. That technology is known as evaporative cooling and we’ll explain why it works so well.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Alright, so you know that evaporative cooling could be the answer to your needs but you don’t know why. That is a problem that we can remedy for you right away. Evaporative cooling is an old style of cooling that you are probably more familiar with then you realise. Dip your finger into a tall glass of icy water and then pull it out and blow across your fingertip. Did your finger get colder when you blew on it? That, in essence, is how evaporative cooling works.

More specifically, evaporative cooling works by way of a pump and a soaked pad known as the media. Water soaks this pad whereupon it evaporates before the air passes through and pushes the cooler content out and into the room that you are seeking to chill. The secret to keeping your evaporative cooler functioning at 100% is to ensure that this pad is always completely soaked.

Evaporative Cooling vs A/C and Electric Fans

No matter what cooling option you are looking at, the mission of the product is the same: to keep you cool and comfortable. With that being said, why do we opt for evaporative cooling options over the air conditioner or even the traditional electric fan? Well, the reasons are numerous. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of an evaporative cooler over the traditional A/C or electric fan.

  1. Eco-Friendly – It never hurts to help the environment. Without any foreign chemicals added to the mix, the air your evaporative cooler creates will always be fresh and clean.
  2. Easy Installation – Easy to install because they are portable and incredibly affordable, evaporative coolers have the instant advantage over hulking air conditioning units.
  3. Low Operation Cost – Your evaporative cooler only requires enough power to move your pump and fan unit which is a marked departure from the other common cooling options.