If we act on instinct during the hot summer months, we head for the beach and dive into the water, or, if the coast isn’t close enough, we pull out a map and navigate to the nearest body of water. It’s much the same when we’re at work, but an employee can’t just take off his clothes and run for the water. No, instead the workplace employs an artificial cooling source. Evaporative coolers are the ideal answer in this case. A fixed unit or a portable cooler that expels cold air does go part way to offsetting heat stress and fatigue, but the human body requires more than cool air. We need a set level of humidity to accompany the cool flow of chilly air, and other climate management systems simply aren’t up to snuff when it comes to this environmental necessity.

Heat stress physically exhausts the human body. It also drains animals, sending livestock into a state of anxious panting, periods of nervous activity that worsen when the night hours bring no relief. Evaporative coolers act as a powerful remedy when this situation occurs. They relieve the temperature in the local area, obviously, but they do so while also using the same cooling mechanism used by nature and biology, which means dehydration is minimized while optimal climate controlled conditions are firmly established. In other words, the “shock” associated with the loss of bodily fluids is mitigated thanks to a process that shares much in common with our own metabolism. The body is supported by an artificial solution, yes, but it’s one that’s energy efficient and free of environmentally damaging chemicals. And as if these reasons weren’t enough, this natural cooling action takes place over large, open areas, which means factory workers, warehouse employees, and farm animals all receive equal relief from heat stress. Of course, portable units can add focus to this latter feature by wheeling evaporative power directly to the point where fatigue is truly problematic.

In playing devil’s advocate, some smart thinkers might argue that other temperature management solutions offer comparable features, but these methods typically require additional stages, the addition of humidification or dehumidification apparatus, for example. Evaporative coolers deliver optimal climate in a single inexpensive package, blowing already healthily conditioned air into the workspace to relieve all forms of heat-related biological stress. The air is fresh, naturally imbued with a fine mist of fresh water, and ready to relieve man and beast of the strains that come with stifling heat.