If the evaporative cooling process is nature’s own method of nurturing animals and produce, why can’t we recruit the same process? In livestock sheds and commercial greenhouses, nature’s cooling mechanism would convince the occupants of these enclosures that they were still out in the wild. Well, that’s exactly the action that’s mimicked by top-notch evaporative coolers, so how does the agricultural industry react to that clever example of environmental mimicry?

Cooling the Agricultural Industry

In the days when farms were laid out as a patchwork assemblage of family-owned operations, there wasn’t much to be done. Shade was important, as was the option to wet down the cattle shed. Even a wet blanket helped. Portable evaporative coolers brandish that same principle, but it’s been improved a hundredfold. Designed to stop animals from the torture that is heat stress, the windows and doors of that outdoor facility remain open, but now the cooling effect is amped by the presence of a hard-working appliance that evaporates its interior water reservoir and blows that evaporated liquid via a series of water-soaked cooling pads and an efficient fan.

Nurturing the Greenhouse Sector

A drive down a country lane is a tempting proposition. It’s also an opportunity to see rows of long greenhouses. That’s right, the produce and floral industry are as commercially regulated as any other industry. Inside here, a miniature natural environment temperature controls the atmosphere while the humidity level is precisely maintained. Different kinds of produce grow large and healthy under the influences of portable evaporative coolers. Meanwhile, there’re no flower blooming delays and no internode elongation issues to trouble the floral growers’ sensibilities, just a plot of verdant greenery.

Cooling the Poultry House

Heat stress reduction keeps animals cool and calm in the livestock shed. Meanwhile, what’s going on at the poultry house, the clucking home of the egg laying chickens and their rooster mates? A feathery body retains heat, and that’s a good layer to have in the winter. In the summer heat, though, those feathers act as insulation. Due to their confined shelters and their feathers, poultry animals experience a drastic drop in comfort level during the summer. In this case, the evaporative appliance eradicates hot air, restores a cool interior, and eliminates the possibility of heat stress.

Contemporary agricultural structures are efficiently laid out, but they deal with living animals, not insensate machines. Likewise, greenhouse grown produce is a biological product, not an end-of-line gadget or gizmo. Portable evaporative coolers perform as a key component in this living organism processing line, a part that cools, ventilates, freshens, and humidity controls these environments so that the impact of the localised heat does not stress those animals or the mass-grown produce.