A sense of imbalance perches itself on your shoulder when you think of using chemicals to cool your home or small office. Complex cooling solutions use terms like “conditioning” and “chemical-to-gas conversion” in their day-to-day vocabulary, leaving a big question mark over these devices. Portable evaporative coolers, on the other hand, exemplify natural heat abatement. The components are free of environmentally damaging chemical stews and infused with eco-friendly components.

Natural Cooling with Modern Features

People live in an age where every penny is counted and every dollar saved on a utility bill is worthy of a celebratory dance. Full-scale air management systems are not only environmentally questionable but also impractical if the household is being run a budget. The idea of being able to focus your cooling solution on one or a couple of rooms by moving the portable unit into action is the obvious answer when the bills are due. All that’s required is an independent water tank or a quickly tied in water supply, a fan, and a couple of in-built sponges to soak up the water while it’s evaporated. Electricity is used but never at the same rate as a high-energy cooling system, and the water tank can either be refilled or maintained at a set level if the unit is plumbed in to the mains water line. Basically, this is the ideal cooling method for the home and small office. And functionality is just as tidily addressed as energy savings when a handy remote control is added to the mix.

Weighing Other Relevant Features

Convenience has always been a big decider when it comes to home appliances. Not to be outdone, evaporative units are compact and aesthetically appealing. Sure to fit in with contemporary decor or antique fixtures, the appliances are also equipped with user-friendly features. Current models allow for humidity management adjustments, multi-stage fan settings, and the easy replacement of water filters when that grimy household water supply is a little too hard for standard home appliances to cope.

We finish by returning you to energy savings and the natural assets that come as standard on home-rated evaporative coolers. There are no compressors or condensers to maintain, meaning repair problems are minimized. If that’s not enough, remember that a standard HVAC solution typically creates a stuffy home office environment, a claustrophobic home, all because you’re forced to close your windows and doors. Open the windows when you use your evaporative cooler and enjoy the sounds of the outside world.