What is great about an evaporative cooler is that it can generate cool air without consuming a lot of electricity and utilising refrigerants. Instead, it utilises the natural air to ensure that a property can obtain the needed cool air whenever the outside temperature is high.

An evaporative cooler works by obtaining air from the surrounding and processing it to lower its temperature. And to effectively convert the hot air into a cool one, it must pass through the cooler pads that can be found inside the evaporative cooler unit. These pads are often soaked in water so that they can easily carry out the evaporative cooling process once hot air interacts with them.

Since evaporative cooler pads carry out vital functions for the whole cooling unit, it would be possible for them to wear off faster than other components. Hence, they must be changed whenever necessary.

Replacing Evaporative Cooler Pads is Vital

Evaporative cooler pads, as previously stated, are responsible for the cooling of hot air. And for the cooling action to take place, the pads must be soaked with water. Most of the time, the water used for the pads are not purified. This only means that the water may have some minerals and elements that may accumulate on the pads over time. Without replacing them at the right time, the evaporative cooler pads will eventually contain elements that can affect their cooling performance in the long run.

Aside from the water quality, cooler pads can also be affected by the quality of the surrounding air. Air outdoors may come in a wide array of dust and dirt particles. As soon as the air passes through the cooler pads, these elements might accumulate on these pads and consequently affect their operations. Once the cooler pads become clogged, they can become ineffective after using them for a long time.

The continuous operations of the evaporative cooler pads together with the presence of minerals, dirt particles, and other elements, are the key reasons why they must be replaced occasionally.

The Perfect Time to Replace Cooler Pads

But how often should you replace your evaporative cooler pads?

Evaporative cooler pads are often made by different companies. Hence, they may boast different materials and accompanying characteristics that would make some of them much more long-lasting than the others. Additionally, the usage of these pads varies from one place to another. Some evaporative coolers are only used for a limited time, while others are utilised regularly.

But to be sure, one may refer to the manual of the unit and the pads as it often states instructions about their maintenance. It likewise gives some details about the right maintenance schedule for the pads.

If there is, however, one sign that you can check to confirm the need for replacement, that would be the cracks that are present on cooling pads. Another sign would be the presence of mould, dirt, slim, and other elements on the pads as these things often prevent them from performing their functions optimally. The build-up of these dirt particles can likewise affect the air quality and cause health issues.

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