If you are like most home owners, then you know how difficult it can be keeping the inside of your house cool during the warm months of summer. It cannot only be uncomfortable and frustrating to keep your indoor environment cool on hot days, but it can also be very expensive when using a traditional air-conditioning unit.

If you want an effective Eco-friendly means to cool down the interior of your home environment, then evaporative coolers are the solution. Also known as swamp coolers – evaporative coolers are the ideal alternative to traditional air conditioning systems because they are cost-effective to operate. If you are interested in purchasing evaporative coolers for your living space or business, then you need to determine what size swamp cooler would be most effective.

How to Determine the Right Size Evaporative Cooler for Your Living Space

There are a few things to consider when determining the best size evaporative cooler that would be most effective in your living space. Below are some things to consider to help you determine the best evaporative cooler size to use in your home:

The CFM rating – the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of a swamp cooler is the amount of cool, fresh air that is produced and cycled through your living space each minute. This rating will help you determine the size of evaporative cooler you will need for the amount of living space you have in your home.

The amount of living space in your home – knowing the area of living space you have in your home that you want to cool-down will help you choose an evaporative cooler size that is big enough to meet your needs. It is always recommended to have a cooler that produces more CFM than is needed to be most effective, as an evaporative cooler that is too small for your living space will need to work at maximum capacity to keep your home cool.

To find the suitable CFM for your living space you can use this example formula below to help you discover the air exchange per hour that is right for your living space.

A typical living room that is 420 square feet and that has an 8-foot ceiling would need an evaporative cooler that can produce at least 336 CFM or more:

420 square feet x 8-foot ceiling = 3,360 cubic feet
3,360 cubic feet x 6 air changes per hour = 20,160
20,160 / 60 minutes = 336 CFM

If you are unsure about the exact dimensions or the living space in your home, and you would like some professional help in determining the evaporative cooler size that is most efficient for your living space, then feel free to contact us.