A portable evaporative cooler, a model that’s operating at its best, can easily circulate many litres of water per hour. The equipment performs a little like a roving, ever-functioning circulation system, although there’s no sweat on any brow here, just pure water pumped muscle. To keep that electromechanical muscle hale and hearty, here is a list of pump maintaining tips to pore over.

Obey Cool Rule Number One

Let the water pump do its job. That means getting the portable evaporative coolers’ circulatory system active before the fan is switched ON. To do otherwise would be a waste of cooling efficiency. After all, it takes a minute or two, depending on the equipment’s efficiency, to saturate the sponge media.

Evening-Time Pump Conservation

If the night temperature drops by a few degrees, keep the pump powered up until the night air cools. But, and this is a tip many users fail to recognize, if the evening is cooler, consider turning off the water pump until the sun makes a reappearance. In this way, cool air is shifted around the area, but the water pump isn’t required as a cooling media soaker.

Keep the Water Clean

Sedimentary deposits collect at the bottom of equipment reservoirs. Poorly maintained, dirt and grit penetrate the pump mechanism. The equipment’s lifespan is shortened because the water is full of contaminants. Flush the equipment’s tank, clean it with a mild detergent, and bring the unit back into service. If there are water filtration elements in-line, do clean them or replace them as directed by the user manual.

Be a Proactive Pump Minder

Clean the water pump and its feed tubes with a mild calcium and lime cleaning solution, again as advised by the user manual. This one blanketing cleaning tip takes care of dirt, mould producing agents, and hard water problems. Just be sure to empty the water tank and remove the cooling sponges before taking this action. To really get that fluid into the pump mechanism, run the equipment for 30 seconds. That action will circulate the cleaner and flush any lingering dirt.

Ideally, the water pump needs a little TLC from time to time. Don’t use the pump if the hot temperature is cooling towards night. Just run the fan instead. Use filters, remove mechanism-damaging blockages, replace the filters, and keep the water pump in good trim. At the end of the day, though, events can spin out of control. If the water is aging this essential fluid propelling unit, stop everything, get a cleaning fluid into the tubes, and inspect the filters.