If you are a manager, you want to make sure your employees are comfortable and productive in the workplace. One way to do this is to use evaporative coolers in industrial workplaces. There are several reasons why this is a good idea.

Pleasant Working Conditions

Many evaporative coolers have a fan and a water reservoir. Hot air is drawn into the cooler by the fan. There is a pad in the cooler that absorbs the water that is in the reservoir. The temperature inside the cooler drops, and the fan moves cool air through the room. The cool air will keep employees cool.

Evaporative coolers can often provide more comfortable temperatures in a room than air conditioners. If an air conditioner blows air through a vent, the area close to the vent can be very cold and uncomfortable. Evaporative coolers do not have vents, so this problem does not occur in rooms where these coolers are used.

Productive Employees

Employees can work more efficiently if they are comfortable. They will be able to keep their minds on their work instead of thinking about how hot they are. Employees who are not too hot will not be constantly looking at the clock to see how long it will be before they can take a break in a cool room. If your cooling system breaks down on a very hot day, your employees will be unhappy. Evaporative coolers are less likely to break down than air conditioners because they have fewer parts.

Air conditioners have compressors. This makes them noisier than evaporative coolers. An industrial workplace with an evaporative cooler will be quieter than an industrial setting with an air conditioner. If the setting is usually noisy, using an evaporative cooler will mean there is less noise to distract workers.


If you manage an industrial workplace, you will likely want to save the company money. You can do this by using evaporative coolers in the workplace. Evaporative coolers cost less to install and run than air conditioners. They do not use as much electricity as air conditioners, so your electric bill will not be as much. Evaporative coolers do not have as many parts as air conditioners, so you will spend less money replacing broken parts.

You can also save money on maintenance if you use evaporative coolers instead of air conditioners. The filters in air conditioners need regular cleaning, and evaporative coolers have no filters.