A portable evaporative cooler can be a lifesaver when it comes to beating the scorching Australian weather. These cooling systems are designed to provide relief through natural evaporation. However, choosing the right size portable evaporative cooler is crucial to ensure optimal cooling efficiency and comfort. In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the size requirements of a portable evaporative cooler, required cooling capacity, and important considerations, and provide useful tips for selecting the ideal portable evaporative cooler for your needs.

Understanding PortableEvaporative Coolers

Portable evaporative coolers utilise the process of evaporation to cool the air. These systems draw in hot air from the outside and pass it through moistened pads or media. Water evaporates as the hot air passes through the pads, causing the air temperature to drop. The cooled air is circulated into the living space, providing a refreshing and comfortable environment.

Selecting a Portable Evaporative Cooler and Calculating Cooling Capacity

It is essential to calculate the cooling capacity required for the specific room or area to determine the appropriate size of a portable evaporative cooler. Several factors need to be considered during this calculation process.

1. Room Volume Calculation

Accurately measure the dimensions of the room and calculate its volume. This information will serve as the basis for determining the cooling capacity required. Measure the room’s length, width, and height to determine its volume in cubic metres. Multiply these three dimensions to obtain the room’s total volume. For example, a room measuring 4 metres in length, 5 metres in width, and 3 metres in height would have a volume of 60 cubic metres.

2. Climate Considerations

Take into account the local climate and average temperature during the hottest months. The climate in which the portable evaporative cooler will be used significantly determines the cooling capacity required. In Australia, different regions experience varying levels of heat and humidity. Ensure the portable evaporative cooler you select can handle the specific heat and humidity conditions.

3. Occupancy and Heat Sources

The number of people occupying the room and the presence of heat-generating sources, such as electronics or appliances, contribute to the cooling load. More occupants and heat sources require a portable evaporative cooler with a higher cooling capacity.

4. Cooling Efficiency

The efficiency of the portable evaporative cooler is another crucial factor. Different models have varying cooling efficiency levels, measured in litres per hour. Higher efficiency means the cooler can provide more cooling for the same amount of water.

5. Account for Insulation and Air Leakage

Consider the insulation quality and level of air leakage in the room. Well-insulated spaces with minimal air leakage will require a smaller cooling capacity.

Our Portable Evaporative Coolers for Specific Room Size

1. QC 18

The QC18 portable evaporative cooler is a handy gadget for cooling down small areas in homes, businesses, and warehouses. It costs about 80c per day to run and cools a small area by about 15˚c. The QC18 portable evaporative cooler is designed to cover about 70 sqm of floor area without needing a second device or reducing the area size that has to be cooled. Almost nothing can compete with the QC 18 in terms of coverage at the daily pricing range we specified above.

2. QC 36

The QC 36 portable evaporative cooler is designed to deliver efficient cooling performance while being easily movable to different locations. It offers an ideal solution for spaces where traditional air conditioning may not be feasible or practical. The QC 36 provides a comfortable and refreshing environment with its compact design and powerful cooling capabilities that can cool up to 270 sqm of floor area to a temperature of 10 -15˚c.

3. QC 48

The QC 48 portable evaporative cooler has several features that make it a choice for many consumers. With its compact size, the QC 48has a high-performance motor and advanced cooling pads, ensuring effective cooling of up to 390 sqm of floor area, even in hot and dry conditions.

Choosing the right portable evaporative cooler size is essential for optimum cooling efficiency and comfort. You can determine the appropriate cooling capacity required by considering room size, climate, occupancy, heat sources, and insulation factors.Consult our experts and followour tips to help you decide when to select a portable evaporative cooler to meet your cooling needs.