An evaporative cooler is a type of air conditioning unit that utilises evaporation as its main way of cooling air temperatures. Whenever the water inside this system evaporates, the highest-energy particles from this element will leave, which subsequently leads to the drop in the temperature of the gas that is produced from the evaporation process.

Properties that are in a dry environment can fully maximise the capabilities of evaporative coolers since evaporation can quickly take place in this type of environment. Some parts and components of these cooling units like the cooler pads, fan, water reservoir, and controls play their respective roles just to provide the needed cooling of a specific room or area. But aside from their cooling capabilities, evaporative coolers are also known for their ability to significantly improve indoor air quality.

Presence of Air Moisture

Conventional air conditioning units typically work by circulating recycled air throughout a property and its ductwork. Since the air is only recycled repetitively throughout the operations of these units, all the elements, including dust and dirt, on a specific area or room will also move around. The recirculation of the air multiple times also allows moisture to fade out or disappear faster.

Evaporative coolers, alternatively, do not use recycled air. Instead, they constantly pull new outdoor air and process it through their water-saturated pads. Once it moves through these units, the process of evaporation happens, providing and pumping the needed cool, fresh air into the property. The air released by evaporative coolers has a lot of moisture as well, which can be much easier to breathe compared to the air released by their counterpart. Your furniture pieces and devices can likewise benefit from the presence of moisture since they will not get dried out or filled with humidity and heat.  

Absence of Dirty Elements

As mentioned, the air from conventional air conditioning units can be filled with dust and dirt, especially if the place is not cleaned and maintained well. It can even carry some germs and bacteria around, which can initiate the spread of diseases in a specific room or area. Allergens may also present with this type of air, triggering allergic reactions of some people.

With evaporative coolers, all these dirty elements will not circulate the property since the air is being filtered. Whenever these units draw in outdoor air, they process it through the water-soaked pads and filter it to ensure that no dust, dirt, pollutants, and allergens can enter the property. Without the presence of these elements, people inside the property can breathe easily and do not have to worry about getting allergic reactions and contagious diseases. Not only you can enjoy the benefits of cool air, but you can also feel protected from various harmful elements.

Evaporative coolers can truly improve indoor air quality thanks to their efficient components as well as their proper utilisation of the evaporation process. With these units, you do not have to worry about your indoor air quality anymore.