When horses sweat, they become dehydrated. A well-run equestrian centre may provide plenty of drinking water, so thirst isn’t a major issue. However, equine animals can be skittish, so even this discomfort could be enough to cause distress. Worse yet, stress is a real issue when these beautiful animals become overheated. To stop livestock dehydration and heat stress, an enterprising stable really should be considering a reliable evaporative cooler solution.

Horses Are Walking Evaporative Coolers

Unlike some animals, and more like humans, horses sweat all over. As the water in the perspired fluid evaporates on the animal’s skin, a cooling effect is generated. Viewed as active animals, the ability to dissipate huge amounts of internally generated heat is clearly important. Wouldn’t the assistance of a similarly equipped man-made machine just reinforce this natural solution?

Utilising Portable Evaporative Coolers

A dedicated equestrian centre is making all the right moves. The horses are well fed and comfortable. They even have plenty of shade. Unfortunately, barns collect heat when they’re not ventilated. Ammonia and heat float in the air, there’s nowhere for the energy load to go, and the animals are feeling the heat stress. Clearly, open barn doors and ventilation slots will help. They’ll allow cool air entry, but the effect just isn’t going to be enough. Evaporative coolers, mobilised on smooth-rolling castors, are the best answer to this worrying scenario. Now, with the portable appliances strategically placed, a cool and refreshing breeze is caressing the sweating body of every high-strung animal.

The Animal Kingdoms Flightiest Members

Left untended, equine perspiration forms an ugly lather. Shade helps, of course, but they’re surprisingly stubborn creatures. Heat stress is stealing their bodily fluids, and medical issues are spreading. An animal rears nervously. It hits a stable wall or slips. Faced with this sweltering environment, a skittish horse could end up lame. Alternatively, even just the act of enduring the high temperatures could well be enough to harm the animals. Lactating mares need all of their stored fluids to feed their young foals. As for the other members of the equine group, they’re also at risk. Remember, dehydrated horses can experience kidney damage and other chronic medical conditions.

At the end of the day, horses are biologically inclined towards sweating. They’re so good at this biological function that too much sweat can actually cause them harm. Left uncontrolled, the sweat consumes salt and electrolytes. Then there’s the mental stress to deal with as the animals grow nervous. Portable evaporative coolers add substantial impact to passive horse ventilation systems. Cool of breeze, a troubled equestrian centre is rewarded by healthier, happier animals when they use reliable evaporative coolers.