If you are hosting a large family event, you may want to have it outdoors to accommodate a crowd. You will want to make sure everyone is cool and comfortable while they are attending the event. Using evaporative coolers will keep the outside air at a pleasant temperature. Your family is likely to stay at the event longer and enjoy themselves more if they are comfortable.

Cool and Quiet

Using an evaporative cooler can make an area between 10 and 15 degrees cooler. This cooler will work during high heat and humidity. Evaporative coolers are quieter than air conditioners because they do not have compressors.


Portable evaporative coolers can be placed around the event area. They can be arranged so that every part of the area is cooled by an evaporative cooler. The coolers are lighter than air conditioners because they do not have weighty compressor units. This makes these coolers easy to move around. Activities can be scheduled all over the area. This means you can schedule more activities. You will not be limited to having meals and games in just a few places in the event venue. Event attendees will appreciate finding cool air no matter where they go. There will not be overcrowding as everyone tries to crowd into a small area that is the only place to find cool air.

You can put an evaporative cooler near the barbecue if you are cooking meat. You can put coolers near dining areas so your guests can eat in comfort. If you have some physical activities planned, your guests will be more willing to participate if they know they can move to a cool area after exerting themselves.


The inside of an evaporative cooler has an electric fan and a water pump. The cooler has no chemicals that could harm the environment.


There are likely to be children at a large family event. If you use an evaporative cooler, you do not have to worry about anyone being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Inexpensive and Easy to Maintain

Evaporative coolers do not use much electricity.

The two main features of an evaporative cooler are a motor and a water pump. These items are simple to replace, and an evaporative cooler requires very few maintenance checks. An evaporative cooler with two main features is less likely to break down than an air conditioner with a number of features.