May 13, 2022

The Significance of Evaporative Cooling in Greenhouses

The living environment of various types of plants and crops may differ from one another. Some may thrive in warm climates, while others can only survive in areas with cold temperatures. But one important aspect of growing and taking care of plants and crops is their protection against harsh weather elements. 

One important property that can help greeneries survive is a greenhouse. A greenhouse is intended to protect plants, crops, and other similar elements from nature. Heat, moisture, and even pests can randomly bombard these greeneries. And if they are left in the open, their chances of getting damaged and destroyed can be significantly high.

What is great about a greenhouse is it can provide a controlled environment for plants and crops. Since they are protected from the elements, greenhouse owners can expect fresher greens, vegetables, and fruits. They can even grow exotic flowers, tropical fruit, and other similar products.

The Essence of Evaporative Coolers

Greenhouse owners can maximise many equipment pieces to effectively regulate their properties’ condition. One of the things that they can incorporate into their greenhouses is evaporative coolers. 

Evaporative coolers follow the principle of evaporative cooling, which is a process of cooling down the air to a comfy temperature through the use of water as the primary refrigerant. Unlike conventional air conditioning systems, evaporative coolers do not maximise chemicals in cooling temperatures. They also do not require tons of power to make the surroundings cold.

Greenhouses can utilise evaporative coolers as their main cooling mechanism since these equipment pieces can generate cool, fresh air to the greeneries. As these coolers draw in outdoor air, they consequently transfer it to the wet cooling pads to remove its heat. The newly cooled air is ultimately sent to the greenhouses and their greeneries, improving the condition of the surroundings.

Picking the Right Evaporative Cooler

If you currently own and manage a greenhouse, you must ensure that you pick the right evaporative cooler for the place. Failure to get the best one, after all, will only grant you unnecessary expenses. Your greeneries might likewise not be as fresh as you expect them to be without the right evaporative cooler.

One of the things that you need to do in picking the right evaporative cooler is to get the approximate volume of your greenhouse air. Your approximate greenhouse air volume can be obtained by this formula: length x width x (height / 2). This formula can work effectively if your greenhouse maximises a standard gable or A-frame roof.

Upon getting the approximate greenhouse air volume, you can then find an evaporative cooler rated to work with your size space.

Purchase Quality Evaporative Cooler

If you want to buy quality portable evaporative coolers for your greenhouse, you can contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises.

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