QC 18 Specs

  • Variable speed controller
  • Cool work areas by 10 -15˚c
  • Running Costs Only 80 ¢ / day
  • Made in Australia
  • Largest capacity in Australia
  • Products are manufactured to the highest standard.
  • Runs on a standard single-phae power point - 10 AMP, IP56 rated
  • 2,800 CFM / 1,300 Lts/Sec
  • This unit will cool up to 70 sqm of floor area.

QC 18 Construction

  • Housing Constructed of rotomoulded polyethylene.
  • Fan– Industrial duty construction water lines/fittings –
    All corrosion free materials.
  • Fan Motor– high efficiency, for a long life re-circulating
    pump - high efficiency, maintenance free and corrosion resistant submersible pump.
  • Cooling media– Cross corrugated angle, fluted specially formulated cellulose material treated with a thermosetting resin. Specifically designed for evaporative cooling so there is no excess load on the fan.


  • Constructed of rotomoulded corrosion free polyethylene.
  • Industrial duty fan.
  • High efficiency, variable speed 240p volt totally enclosed motor.
  • Pump is high efficiency 80 watt, 240 volt maintenance free.
  • Cooling media is a cross corrugated angle fluted specially formulated cellulose material treated with a thermosetting resin for long life and efficient cooling.
  • Water supply is standard garden hose, Power supply required is 240 volt.

QC 18 Benefits


More Profit! That’s right!!...

By cooling your work areas your staff will be far more profit for your business! The QuietCool portable evaporative cooler cools large hot areas far more effectively than regular fans more effectively than regular fans and costs far less than air conditioning.

The Quiet Cool portable evaporative cooler is virtually maintenance free.

Roll the QuietCool Portable evaporative cooler to the hottest area you have, like a factory, a loading dock, equestrian center, livestock area, a greenhouse, or a barbecue, turn it on an cool off any hot area quickly!

Cooler air means cooler work area for staff improves attitudes and increases productivity.

Cooler livestock equates to happier livestock, which can dramatically affect you bottom line.

Cooler greenhouses promote increased growth and profits, plus its insurance against damaged crops.


Hot dry air blowing through fan-about to mix with cooling media saturated with water, hot dry air mixing with water molecules in the cooling media. Cooler air is discharged.

Just plug in the QuietCool on and feel the cooler air instantly. The QuietCool cooling media scrubs air born materials from the immediate area and have a large volume cooling capacity for cooling large areas.