March 29, 2022

Most Recommended Types of Environments for Portable Evaporative Coolers

Property owners like you ensure that your places will be cool and comfortable. Hence, you would often look and opt for air cooling devices that could match your needs.

While a lot of buildings maximise air conditioners in regulating their temperatures, more and more building owners now switch to portable evaporative coolers in cooling some portion of their properties. If you are considering portable evaporative coolers as one of your main cooling devices for your building, then you must know some vital things about them first.

Portable Evaporative Coolers Working Principles

Portable evaporative coolers work by drawing in air from outdoors and sending it to the evaporative cooling pads. Since these cooling pads are soaked in water, they can effectively decrease the temperature of the air. Once the air has been cooled, it is finally transferred and sent to the property. As they operate, the temperature of the property is expected to go down.

The cooling pads of evaporative coolers must be soaked in water all the time so they can alter the temperature of the obtained air. Hence, these cooling devices maximise a water reservoir to store some water. Fans, alternatively, are maximised so they can draw in hot air and release cold air to the property.

Unlike other cooling devices, evaporative coolers do not maximise refrigerants, which are often maximised in cooling the air inside air conditioners as well as refrigerators.

Benefits of Using Portable Evaporative Coolers

The working principles of evaporative coolers allow them to boast a wide array of benefits to users. 

If you will be opting for portable evaporative coolers, you can expect significant savings in terms of energy as they do not require too much electricity. The only resources that you need are open space and water. Another key benefit of maximising portable evaporative coolers is they can help improve the quality of your air. Since they utilise some filters, the cold air that is sent to your rooms and spaces will not boast any impurities. Ultimately, opting for portable evaporative coolers allows you to save the environment and protect the ozone layer as they do not maximise harmful chemical refrigerants.

Best Places to Use Portable Evaporative Coolers

While portable evaporative coolers can process hot air effectively, they must only be used in environments that satisfy their operating conditions.

One of the places where portable evaporative coolers can be effective is outdoor areas. Outdoor areas like decks, patios, and backyards can provide the needed surroundings conditions that can make portable evaporative coolers effective. Another environment where these coolers can be effective is semi-outdoor. Semi-outdoor spaces such as garages and covered porches have enough fresh air sources that could be obtained by evaporative coolers. Indoor areas can also utilise portable evaporative coolers. You must, however, ensure that the coolers are close to an open window. 

Now, if your property is in a humid area, then evaporative coolers will not be effective. They will not also work if there is no fresh air source.

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