April 28, 2022

Key Signs Your Portable Evaporative Coolers Have Sustained Damages

Many businesses have opted for portable evaporative coolers due to their associated benefits.

One of the benefits of portable evaporative coolers is that they can be maximised almost anywhere. As long as fresh air is present, they are expected to run and operate optimally. Another benefit of portable evaporative coolers is that they can conserve energy. They can cool a specific area or room for a long time even without utilising tons of energy. Portable evaporative coolers can also protect the environment, maintain high-quality air, and minimise maintenance needs.

If you are currently using portable evaporative coolers, you can easily enjoy these benefits inside your property. However, if they manifest the following signs, they may have sustained some damage already.

Failure to Start

One sign that your portable evaporative coolers have sustained some damage is that they will not start anymore. Just like other appliances, portable evaporative coolers will only operate and carry out their cooling functions whenever they have been powered on. Now, even with a stable power supply, the inability of your portable evaporative coolers to start only means that they have some faulty components. You must check if the fuse has been blown. You must also check if their breaker has been tripped. If both components are at fault, it would be best for you to call a professional technician.

Peculiar Airflow

Another sign that your portable evaporative coolers have attained some issues is that they release somewhat peculiar airflow. Normally, your portable evaporative coolers will release air that is cold and strong. Now, if your cooling units do not release this type of air, their components may already exhibit some problems. Your exhaust ducts, for instance, might be blocked by harmful particulates, preventing the air from entering your property. However, if your portable evaporative coolers do not manifest any faulty parts, you may have overlooked their cooling specifications and compatibility with your building.

Water Leakage

Evaporative coolers use water to cool the attained outdoor air. And to ensure that they will have an ample supply of water, they would normally possess a water reservoir. While they are often made from durable components, the water stored inside your evaporative coolers may leak due to improper storage. To avoid water from leaking, you must ensure that your portable evaporative coolers will not have any water as soon as you store them during specific seasons. The cooling pads must likewise be removed. Ultimately, the reservoir or the tank must be cleaned.

Strange Odour

One more sign that your portable evaporative coolers have sustained damage is that they emit a strange odour. Portable evaporative coolers, as mentioned earlier, maximise water to cool the air that is obtained from outside. Without conducting any maintenance, the water inside your coolers might be stagnant already. Worse, mildew has already infiltrated your cooling units. When diagnosed early, cleaning your evaporative coolers by changing their water may still eradicate the strange odour. If not, you may not have any choice but to have them serviced or replaced.

Some of these issues can still be resolved by technicians. But if not, you may have to purchase new portable evaporative coolers. To obtain one, you must call us at Peter Ross Enterprises.

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