April 7, 2022

Improve the Productivity of Your Employees with Portable Evaporative Coolers

The success of your business performance relies on numerous key factors.

One of the factors that can affect your business performance is building conditions. Employees working in a well-ventilated and regularly cleaned workspace will be protected from health issues. Tools and equipment pieces inside a quality building are likewise expected to operate optimally. Another factor that can affect your business performance is the welfare of your employees. Somehow connected to the first factor, employees working in a cool area are known to be more efficient. They are even encouraged to produce quality output throughout their stay.

Maintaining these key factors can ensure that your business can thrive. One great way to improve the condition of your building and the welfare of your employees is to invest in portable evaporative coolers.

The Working Principles of Evaporative Coolers

The operations of evaporative coolers rely heavily on the process of evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is an air conditioning process wherein the air temperature is cooled through evaporation. Once the water evaporates, it will be converted to gas. This conversion then decreases the air temperature.

To effectively apply evaporative cooling, the evaporative cooler should boast components that are durable enough to carry out cooling for a long time. Some components that they possess are a fan, water tank, hood, and pads. The fan will generally obtain warm air from the surroundings and transfer it to the pads. The pads, which are soaked with water, will then cool the warm air through evaporation. The newly cooled air is ultimately sent to the area where it is needed.

Benefits of Using Portable Evaporative Coolers

The productivity of your employees can be boosted once you integrate portable evaporative coolers into your workplace. By using these coolers, you can expect to gain these benefits.

  • Clean Air: One of the benefits of using portable evaporative coolers is they can provide clean air. The presence of evaporative pads on these cooling devices allows the cooling and filtration of the air, which cannot be carried out by others. The fresh air from evaporative coolers can then prevent employees and other people from attaining allergic reactions and respiratory flare-ups. 
  • Cool Temperature: Another benefit of using portable evaporative coolers is they can offer cool workplace temperatures. Portable evaporative coolers can be effective in workplaces as they can decrease the air temperature significantly. By lowering the air temperature, employees can work and carry out their tasks without feeling stressed or uncomfortable.
  • Added Moisture: One more benefit of utilising portable evaporative coolers is they can add moisture to the air. If your workplace lacks moisture in the air, it could easily affect the breathing of some employees. They may likewise experience dry and cracked skin. Once evaporative coolers are switched on, moisture will be added to the air, preventing these problems from happening.

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