January 10, 2022

Environmental Benefits of Using Evaporative Coolers

More and more business owners are now opting for equipment pieces and appliances that can make their facilities and buildings sustainable and energy-efficient. One of the appliances that a lot of them invest in nowadays is the evaporative cooler.

Evaporative coolers are special cooling solutions that can provide fresh cold air to a specific place or area. The working principles of evaporative coolers are simple. Through their fans, they would typically draw in hot outdoor air and transfer them towards the wet cooling pads. As the hot air and the pads interact, the former’s temperature decreases. The newly cooled air is then transferred and sent to the property, ensuring that occupants can feel comfortable and cosy.

Despite the absence of refrigerants, evaporative coolers can still manage to make the properties cool and fresh. They can even contribute to the conservation of the planet. Once you maximise evaporative coolers on your operations, you can expect to gain the following environmental benefits.

Used Natural Processes

One of the main environmental benefits of using evaporative coolers is that they mostly rely on natural processes to produce cold air. As mentioned earlier, evaporative coolers do not maximise refrigerants and other similar elements. Instead, they utilise the evaporative cooling process in producing fresh cold air. So, compared to other cooling solutions, evaporative coolers can surely provide natural fresh air without maximising synthetic harmful elements and damaging the surroundings.

Minimised Refrigerants

Refrigerants help air conditioners yield and produce cold air inside a building or property. While refrigerants today are being modified to make them safer and more eco-friendly, evaporative coolers are still believed to be more environmentally friendly thanks to the absence of refrigerants. The lack of refrigerants prevents evaporative coolers from producing chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons, which are both known for depleting the ozone layer and damaging the surroundings.

Reduced Contaminants

Air conditioners may provide the needed cool air inside a commercial or industrial building, but they might not have the ability to filter it thoroughly. Evaporative coolers, fortunately, are equipped with pads that do not only make the air cool but also make them clean and free from airborne contaminants. Once the hot air from outdoors interacts with the cooling pads, all airborne contaminants such as dust, dirt, bacteria, and viruses are expected to be captured, making the cold air much cleaner than ever before.

Decreased Energy Use

One more environmental benefit of using evaporative coolers is that they can reduce energy consumption. Compared to air conditioners, evaporative coolers do not have to use a lot of energy just to make them effective and operational. Air conditioners have to maximise up to 10 times more energy than evaporative coolers, which can cost property owners a lot of money. Evaporative coolers do not require a lot of energy, preserving fossil fuels and other energy sources from getting depleted.

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