February 25, 2022

4 Things You Should Do to Improve Your Evaporative Cooler's Airflow

Property owners can maximise various cooling systems to make their spaces comfortable. But one specific system that has helped many businesses achieve a cosy office or store is the evaporative cooler.

An evaporative cooler is a cooling system that maximises evaporation in cooling air temperatures. As the system draws in air from outside, it sends the air to the water-saturated pads so that its temperature can drop. The much colder air is finally sent and directed into the area where it is needed. With an evaporative cooler, property owners can expect significant energy savings. They can likewise attain a property with optimal air quality and air humidity.

All the benefits of an evaporative cooler, however, can still be enhanced by regulating their airflow. To improve your evaporative cooler’s airflow, you must do the following things.

  1. Saturate the Pads

As mentioned earlier, the pads inside your evaporative cooler are meant to decrease the temperature of the obtained air. Now, if your cooling pads are not saturated enough, then the temperature of your air will be much hotter than what you have expected.

Saturating the pads fully, on the other hand, can provide you with air that is significantly cooler and more comfortable. To saturate the pads, you must let your pump run for 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, you can turn on the evaporative cooler to its max operations to attain an efficient airflow.

  1. Check Humidity

Humidity can be a huge problem for evaporative coolers, especially if the average relative humidity in your area is higher than 60 per cent. Without proper airflow, the air from your evaporative cooler will only make your property feel damp. Consequently, many people inside your property may get dehydrated. They may even attain fatigue, muscle cramps, and heat exhaustion. 

With high humidity levels, your evaporative cooler will have difficulties in generating cold air. 

And so, before using your evaporative cooler, you must check first the indoor and outdoor humidity levels. You can do this by installing a thermostat to check the humidity levels of your property.

  1. Close the Doors 

Evaporative coolers can work effectively despite placing them in an open space. However, if you want your evaporative cooler to be more efficient and effective, then you have to close the rooms that do not need to be cooled. Doing this step can help regulate the airflow of your evaporative cooler and direct its air to the spaces that require immediate cooling.

  1. Conduct Upkeep

One more thing that you must do to keep your evaporative cooler’s airflow efficient is to conduct regular cleaning and upkeep. Your evaporative cooler can remain efficient and effective throughout its service life if you will be checking, cleaning, and maintaining it. From the condition of its components down to its cooling processes, all these elements must be checked so you will know if they already require servicing.

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