March 8, 2022

4 Best Places to Use Portable Evaporative Coolers

More businesses are opting for alternate solutions in terms of cooling their places. And one alternative solution that they go for is portable evaporative coolers.

Portable evaporative coolers work by drawing in the fresh air, sending it to the cooling pads, and transporting the cooled air to the properties. These coolers are being maximised by commercial and industrial buildings as they can effectively provide cool air without drawing too much power. These coolers can likewise offer high-quality air as they only process fresh air. And despite opening the doors and windows, these coolers can still operate and provide cool fresh air to these buildings.

Even though most businesses can afford the costs of buying portable evaporative coolers, there are specific places where these coolers can be significantly effective. Here are some of the best places to use portable evaporative coolers.

  1. Office Buildings

Many areas in office buildings require ample cooling to ensure that employees will stay comfortable and cosy. With the growing costs of conventional air conditioning solutions, the existence of portable evaporative coolers easily allows business owners to save some money once they are maximised. Some areas in office buildings that can be cooled by evaporative coolers are dining areas, resting spaces, and even the meeting rooms themselves.

  1. Warehouses

Another place where portable evaporative coolers can be used is the warehouse. Warehouses can store a huge number of products and prevent them from getting damaged due to heat. While air conditioning units are already effective in conserving the quality of products, utilising portable evaporative coolers at some parts of these places can further help in cutting costs and maintaining safe levels of indoor relative humidity. Adding evaporative coolers to warehouses can easily serve many products.

  1. Healthcare Centres

Healthcare centres like hospitals and clinics can also take advantage of portable evaporative coolers since they are effective in minimising any risk of cross-contamination. These cooling solutions are also good for these types of establishments since they can control the amount of air moisture content, suppress dust particles and other similar elements, and limit the spread of infectious microbes. The advantages of portable evaporative coolers in healthcare centres make them also great for laboratories.

  1. Data Centres

The amount of heat being generated in data centres can be a lot, especially if the devices and machines inside these places run continuously until they time out or break down. And to make sure that these devices do not get damaged or cause any problems during their operations, they must be cooled effectively. Fortunately, portable evaporative coolers can easily provide the needed quality of air to preserve the tools and devices inside data centres.

Portable evaporative coolers can work anywhere as long as they are used in dry and hot areas. Opting for these coolers in humid areas, unfortunately, will not work effectively. To purchase quality portable evaporative coolers for your business, you can contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises.

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